Dr. Valerie Squire, D.M.S., H.D.

I was born the second child of four in the town of Zwiebruken,
Germany. Both parents were members of the R.C.A.F. at that time.. This resulted in a number
of moves to various bases throughout Western Canada. The final place of settlement was
Winnipeg, where I graduated from Silver Heights Collegiate. Not knowing what I was going
to study, I worked various odd jobs until enterinig the School of Respiratory Therapy at the
Health Sciences Centre. After graduating, an employment opportunity at Children's Hospital
in Winnnipeg arose. In December of 1987, I started working as a Respiratory Therapist in an
intensive care setting. This was my introduction to the world of medicine.

Throughout my career as a Respiratory Therapist, I have worked with premature babies,
infants, pediatrics, geriatrics and in the sales field.

Being a caretaker, I saw many aspects of the beauty and frailties that life had to offer. I had
also experienced the painful attack of psoriatic arthritis. I was prescribed several types of pills
and had cortisone shots. I was also going to physiotherapy, a chiropractor and trying acupuncture.
The flare up finally receded before the next step of methyltnexate. This experience brought forth
many questions. Was there another system of treatment? Can another flare-up be prevented?
When I learned there was a Homoeopathy course in Winnipeg, I knew I had found my answers.


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