Mission Statement

Dr. Nielsen's Homoeopathic Medical Education and Research Centre Inc. is committed to excellence for standards of education and practice in the field of Homoeopathy while promoting its safe integration into the current healthcare system in Manitoba and across Canada.

This goal will be achieved by:
§ Working collaboratively to maintain the highest professional Homoeopathic standards ensuring competent and qualified Homoeopathic physicians
§ The delivery of a fully accredited Homoeopathic medical education
§ Actively promoting and pursuing the restoration, growth and integration of Homoeopathy within the existing healthcare system
§ Providing holistic Homoeopathic treatment through community based clinics, public education and outreach programs
§ Inspiring respect for health, life, humanity and the environment.

§ To actively promote and pursue the growth, development and integration of Homoeopathy in Manitoba and across Canada;
§ To ensure competent, qualified Homoeopathic physicians;
§ To conduct wide-reaching research on specific aspects of Homoeopathy;
§ To provide and assist with services and facilities for research, evaluation, training, consultation and guidance for excellence in Homoeopathy.

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